We help our clients reach their personal and business goals.

Providing expert tax, financial and accounting services for businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations.

Change is an inevitable part of all life cycles. Whether it’s the individual moving from single life to the responsibilities of a family, a business growing and expanding into profitability, or a non-profit moving from a team of volunteers into a paid staff, these changes must be met with the utmost preparation. Our clients expect expert accounting services and have diverse objectives and financial interests. The shareholders of Shallo, Galluscio & Bianchi, CPAs, P.C. are with them every step of the way.

Shallo, Galluscio & Bianchi, CPAs, P.C. provides a host of accounting services, including a comprehensive array of offerings for anyone who requires complex planning. Individuals can benefit from tax preparation and financial planning. For businesses, we provide cash flow management and internal controls. Budget preparation, tax compliance and periodic reviews are important for non-profits.