The Confidence to Meet Financial Challenges Throughout Your Life

As we live our lives, there are many events that change us and change how we approach our finances. A young, single individual’s priorities are very different from a married couple with kids, which are different from someone approaching retirement. Shallo, Galluscio & Bianchi, CPAs, P.C. offers a comprehensive set of accounting and tax preparation services designed to guide you through every new step and ensure you are always prepared for what life will bring.

Getting Married

Getting MarriedMarriage is often the first significant change in the nature of your finances. Joining your income and assets with another person poses several challenges. It is important to be proactive in creating an appropriate budget, clarifying your financial goals, such as investing for retirement or taking on a mortgage, and understanding how you will manage joint accounts. Shallo, Galluscio & Bianchi, CPAs, P.C. can make these important decisions just a little bit easier.


Emotional as it may be, divorce can also be a complicated financial matter. The importance of attorneys is obvious, but having a solid accounting firm by your side can protect you from the pitfalls of a divorce settlement.

Having Kids

Having KidsChildren add an entirely new element to the finances of a household. Budgeting for necessary expenses over the 18+ years while your kids are living at home creates a unique challenge for your family. Additionally, with the rising cost of tuition, making the appropriate investments for college is integral to your children’s future. Shallo, Galluscio & Bianchi, CPAs, P.C. has the tools to help confront these challenges head-on and with success and security in mind.

Approaching Retirement

Approaching RetirementThose close to retirement often ask, “Am I going to have enough money after I stop working?” It’s a fear many people live with as they approach the end of their careers. Working with our professionals will help you better understand your finances as you approach this phase of your life and prepare you for what’s to come. Retirement should be easy, and Shallo, Galluscio & Bianchi, CPAs, P.C. aims to make it so.